Feeding himself

The photo above taken while we have our snack at one of the famous fast food chain here in the city.  The little boy in the image is my nephew busy feeding himself with his favorite french fries.  He loves to dip the fries in the sauce before putting it inside his mouth.  Well, he got it from us especially his mother who loves to dip fries in the sauce.  He was just watching one time while we are in the same fast food chain eating fries, and now he is doing the exact way we eats fries.  So serious eating fries which makes other customer smiles while looking at him.

After eating the fries, the nephew is drinking the sauce.  haha! So cute isn’t it.  I can’t imagine that the little one that I used to carry and feed can now feed himself alone.  He can even pick what he wants to eat.  If he doesn’t want the food that I give to him, he will share his head and say “no”.  Smart little fella I must say.  He is just one year old, but he acts like his three years old cousin.  He matures real fast.  Also,he doesn’t want to sit on the high chair.  He wants to sit on the same chair we are sitting.  Oh, kiddos of today.

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