No such things as fairy tale romance

I was reading a story in a woman’s magazine just recently. Her story is very much inspiring.  She started from dreaming to be with the man she likes and adore for years.  She was in her teens when the guy is n his 30’s.  She never stops dreaming to have the guy, marry him and be his wife.  As they say that dreams do com true when a person never stops dreaming and believing that one day it will come true.  It is indeed true when the two gets married.  She was the happiest woman in the world when they finally tie the know and promise to love each other forever.

It was like a fairy tale story.  However, their marriage did not last longer.  The supposed to be they live happily ever after did not happen.  Sad to say, they decided to end the marriage for some reasons.  I felt like crying and feel so sorry for their kids.  But, when the two are no longer happy with each other, lost the love and interest, there is no reason to stay together.  It would be a torture when they forced to live together for the sake of the children.  Though it is painful for the kids, they have to separate lives for the good of everybody.  It is best to be apart then to live in misery, right?

Though the ending is not what she expected, at least once in her life her dream come true.  Her story is a proof that, there is such thing as fairy tale romance.  What do you think?

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