The uncle’s presents

My uncle works abroad and he comes back home for a month of vacation every year.  And every time he comes back home, he brings lots of presents for everybody.  Relatives are always waiting for his vacation because this is the time we get something from him.  haha!  Well, the uncle is just so generous to give everyone a present when he is on vacation.  When the uncle opens the bag where the presents are, we always see shampoo, soap, toothpaste, chocolates, wine, cigar, perfume, shirts, and some jewelries.  We get so excited because we know that we get one of those presents.  The generous uncle makes sure that everyone is happy and not empty-handed.  He never forgets to bring something for everybody.  This is why the uncle is so blessed by God because of his kind and generous heart.  God bless him more and good health always.

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