Cool guitar designs

It was my brother who persuaded me to practice on how to play guitar because I always watched him playing the guitar.  Sometimes I sing when he plays guitar.  Even though I do not have a good singing voice, still I am the brother’s singer.  haha!  Anyways, I did practice on how to play the guitar but stops after three months.  I did not stopped because I lost my interest, it’s just that we do not have my guitar.  We just borrowed guitar from the neighbor then.  I wanted to buy my guitar then continue practicing on how to play it.  I want to own a nice and cool guitar.  Something that fits to a girl like me and my personality.  I am searching for cool guitar designs which I find at marvelous b.c. rich at Musicians friend.  I am looking at their guitars and I said wow.  They color, the designs and the style is so cool.  I am pretty sure I would love to have one of their guitars.  I hope to buy soon so that I can start practicing again.

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