Giving away my old clothes

 First week of this month I am cleaning up my closet.  I took the clothes that I do not use anymore and put it inside the box.  I am doing it because I want to give away my old clothes to less fortunate ones.  I have done it for five years to be exact.  This is my way of sharing my blessings.  Though it the clothes are a bit old and used, but still it is in good condition.  I give my old clothes that are so important to me.  The ones that make me sad every time I am thinking of giving it away.  However, I have to accept the fact that it does not fits to me anymore.  Yes, you heard it right.  I gained weight and I cannot wear it anymore.  No matter how I tried to do the diet, still I am a failure.  How I wish it is easy to say no to those tempting foods in front of me.  whew*

Even if it hurts that I am going to give away my precious old clothes, thinking that the clothes will give smiles to those less fortunate ones makes me happy.  Knowing that I made them smile and happy in my own little way of sharing.  Anyways, I have one box of used clothes that will be giving away this Christmas.  To those who will received it, I hope that you will like it and will make you happy this Christmas and New Year.


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