The Christmas Tree is Up

PhotobucketWell, well, well.  What can you say about my artistic talent?  Haha!  Christmas is in our house after putting up our eight feet Christmas tree.  Yes, you heard it right.  Our Christmas tree is a bit tall because I want to experience having a Christmas tree that is taller than me.  This is the first time that we have a tall Christmas tree.  My father did not like my idea after telling him that I am going to buy tall Christmas tree.  But, there is nothing he can do because I already bought it.  Anyhow, you can see the simple Christmas tree that we have in our abode.  I intended to have white Christmas this year, but I am thinking of using the Christmas decor that we have last year, so I changed my mind and opted to have a colourful Christmas decorations since life is so colourful.  You can see the images I shared here, my first and second arrangements.  What can you say?  Am I talented enough?  Haha!  It is not done yet because I have to buy more decorations.  I am thinking of what to put below the Christmas tree.  I have to think of something that the kids will not be attracted to touch.  So far the kids broke five Christmas balls already.  Sadness!

Anyways, is your Christmas tree is up?  Do you have motif in picking for a Christmas decorations?

One Response to “The Christmas Tree is Up”

  1. lady says:

    wow the nice oi, wala pa amoa christmas tree