Watching Korean-Drama with my Brothers

My two older brothers used to teach me when I am watching Korean-Drama online.  They said that I am like a crazy person watching movies with the dialect that I don’t understand at all.  But I told them it has English translation.  Even though they still tease me because instead of concentrating on the movie, I am busy reading the translation, which is true.  I just laughed at them.  They are peeking on what I am watching sometimes.  I can tell that they are curious because they asked me about the story of what I am watching recently.

After telling them about the story of the Korean-drama that I am watching, they got interested and now watching the movie with me.  I like it because it’s been a while since the last time we watch movie together.  Also, I like it because they are able to know English words while reading.  I explain to them if there is word/s that they don’t understand.  I am not saying that my brothers are illiterate just that they are not familiar with other English words.  The funniest thing is that we make our own translation in our own dialects and they we laughed together.  I like our bonding now, thanks to Korean-drama.  My brothers now are addicted to Korean-drama.  Woohoo!

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