The house title

The sister bought the house they rented for months.  After living in the house for almost two years, they finally bought the house from the owner.  They also paid the amount of the house from the home mortgage.  After three months of waiting, the title of the house arrived.  The problem is that the name written on the house title is the name of the original borrower.  The sister felt sad because this means they are going to spend money to change the title of the house to her name.  But before doing so, the sister has to pay the taxes to the BIR.  She doesn’t want to because she is out of budget; however, she doesn’t have any choice.

The sister wanted to finish everything before she give birth, but she was not able to.  Since the taxes, keeps on increasing every day, the sister asked a favour from me.  So, I went to the BIR and process everything so that the title of the house will be change to her name.  The processing of the payment and the documents took me to days to finish it.  Tiring because of the bad weather, but I am glad I finished paying the taxes.  The sister can now change the house title to her name.  We were just waiting for the certification to arrive then; the sister can now go to the registry of deeds for the transfer of name title.

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  1. Gagay says:

    congrats sa akong kumare.. 🙂