Opened another account finally!

Last year, I did not able to open another account in another bank, so early this year; I went to the bank and open an account.  After looking and asking some friends of what would be the nice bank to open an account, I have now open and account.  I am so happy because I can now start saving my extras.  I so wanted to save money for rainy days and for the future that is why I see to it that I will open another bank account.  I have an account that I am using for two years now, but it is different because it has expiration.

The other day, I went to submit my picture and also to get my ATM card.  I am smiling seeing my new ATM card.  I already deposited the money that I keep last year.  I hope to deposit again this month and in the months to come.  It is best to save than to spend nowadays.  I am done getting two of the goals I have listed in my new year’s resolution this year.  One of these is to lose weight.  More resolutions to achieve and I hope to get at least half of my list before the year ends.

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