Just because she wanted to help

To help others in need is one thing that the sister would do even if she doesn’t have any left in her pocket.  To her, to help others is a joy in her heart.  It is tried and tested because the sister has lending help to the family, her friends, relatives and colleague.  At times, I don’t agree with her because she has been fooled many times by some of her friends and acquaintances.  They just promised to help her but in the end; they were nowhere to be found.  Still she wants to lend help when she was asked.  I can tell that the sister has a very soft heart.   She is very easy to approach so to speak.

 Anyways, someone messaged on her phone asking for a help because her family member is in the hospital.  The sister felt pity because she knows the feeling of looking for money because a member of the family is in the hospital.  Because she wanted to help, the sister sends money to someone through money courier.  I told the sister not to send money because she can’t just trust someone whom she doesn’t see.  If the person borrows money, she has to come personally.  But sad to say the sister didn’t listen.  To make the long story short, she is fooled once again.  The sister never learned her lesson I must say.  I am so mad at her, but it is no use for we cannot get it back.  What is done is done.  I just comforted the sister because she needs it very badly.  Just because the sister wanted to help, she was fooled.  We just commit it to the Lord and we hope that the person will pay the sister soon, even if we do not have any idea who she was.

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