Four more days

Yes, four more days left and the sister will go back to work.  And she is sad because she will be missing her two months old baby.  Though it won’t take long because the classes will end in a week time, still she’ll be missing her son.  Much to my delight because I will have more time with my cute little nephew who will be at the house while the sister is working.  Many say that it would be very tiring for me because three kids will be under my care.  I can handle it though because I am used to it.  Also, the nanny is there to help me taking care of the kids.

The sister is so ready to go back to school this Monday.  She is checking her school uniforms, bag and the stuffs inside her bag.  She already talked to her substitute teacher about the grades of the students, the records and the results of the 4th grading exams.  Tomorrow the sister will be going to the school to get things ready before Monday so that when she returns to her classroom, all is fix and ready.  Because the sister has few more days left, she is enjoying the time with her two sons.

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