Make love not war

 photo ef80ef15-4bef-4b54-8ad9-8d96a2f5fcc6_zps2253f9a2.jpgI was attending a mass with my brother one Sunday morning (Easter Sunday).  Because arrived late, the church is so full and no more vacant seat.  We just stayed at the back standing which I like because I will get to take photos from where I stand.  While the mass is ongoing, my eyes are very busy looking for nice spots to capture.  Yes, I am not concentrating on the mass because my eyes are very busy, but still I am able to listen to the homily of the priest.  Well, a blogger like me always do that, look for a nice spots and take a photo.

One nice view that catches my attention was the printing on the guy’s shirt.   The printing says, “Make love not war”.  I bet you know the reason I took a photo of his shirt.  Good thing that printing was on the back of the shirt, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother to capture it even if it catches my interests.  Haha!  Anyways, caption on the shirt is so perfect in the world today.  We do really need to spread love to everyone to live a peaceful and happy life.  It is not easy though, but if we are to try it we can tell whether it is possible or not.  What do you think?

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