Missing you more today

Today is mother’s day, the day where we give tribute to all the mothers out there.  It is right to give these awesome women in the world the day to appreciate and show to them they are important.  I have read and heard people greeting and showing love to  their mothers today. Am I envious?  Yes, I am envious because my mother isn’t around anymore.  I can’t greet her, hug here nor kiss her personally because she is now living in other life.  I am missing you so much today.  I wish you were still to celebrate this day with us.  I would love to treat you somewhere to show my love for you mother, but then again, it isn’t possible.  I am greeting you in my prayers though.  Wherever you are, you will always be remembered and love by us.

Anyways, on this day, I am greeting my sister Analyn and SIL Josefa, happy mother’s day to both of you, also, to all the mothers out there.  You deserved to have a day to remember your love, sacrifices and patience.  So, treat your mom today and make her feel more loved.  Spend this very special day with your mother.

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