Mere Misunderstanding

Last weekend, the finally went to the one of the famous resort in the city and spend two days and one night there.  We have some visitors to join with us.  Although it is a family getaway, we decided to invite close friends to make the escapade a bit more fun.  As they say the more the merrier.  The escapade was fun and memorable because we did enjoyed swimming in the white beach and the brothers also went fishing.  We smiled the whole time until the day we are about to go home.  I admit I get a bit mad because we went home earlier, the plan to take some photos of the family did not happen.  Better luck next time I guess.

Anyways, we were riding in a public vehicle when I noticed that the SIL is crying and looks so upset.  We tried to ask her on the moment but she refused to talk.  We just waited till we reach home and ask her.  However, she went directly to their room.  It was my brother who told us why his wife acted that way.  We are shocked and for a moment.  I let first the issue sink in my mind before explaining my side.  We were misunderstood my SIL sister.  I am sad because what she told us is not true.  If only they confronted me and clear the issue, the misunderstanding would have been avoided.  I hope that no more issue would come up because it is really a waste of time.  If same thing happens to you, do not hesitate to ask and clear things up so no more misunderstanding issue/s.

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