Thanks for the compliment

It started when the brother announced his plan to get married.  Since I am part of the bridal entourage, I have to lose some weight so I look good when I am wearing the gown.  Though the diet program is too short, still I lose some fats in a matter of two weeks.  I do not have enough I must say, but still I saw improvements of my two weeks diet program.  I am so proud of myself so to speak.   I thought it is impossible to get what I wanted because I so love to eat and I can’t say no to tempting foods, but I was so wrong, because my determination and willingness gives me a nice result.

My family, some friends and neighbors have noticed it I guess because they told me that I look thinner compared before.  Hearing their compliments made me so happy and glad.  Thanks to them for the compliment.  Because of the compliment that I have heard, I am more eager to lose more weight to get the weight and waist line that I so wanted to get back.  I hope that pray that I will be able to meet my goal of bringing back my 26 inches waistline.  Just thinking about it makes me sad, however, I will do my very best to achieve that goal. Good luck to me. Whew!

One Response to “Thanks for the compliment”

  1. Deli says:

    Sis, please share your tips on losing weight 🙂 I would like to know and hopefully apply 🙂