Decided to live with us

Last Sunday, the older brother and I get the chance to talk heart to heart.  He told me that he really wanted to buy their own house because his kids are growing.  They need to have their own house so they can buy their own stuffs.  They will not be able to buy household stuffs like furniture, appliances, and other things because the father’s house is too small.  No room to put their stuffs if ever they will buy some for them.   But the brother’s condition will not allow him to buy a house of their own for now because his two daughters are now studying.  They have to think of the kids studies first.

Prior to our heart to heart talk, I did talk to my father already my plans.  Since we still have space, I told the father to give it to his eldest son so that they can build their own house attached to the father’s house.  I am glad that the father likes my idea and agreed.  I guess he doesn’t want them to leave as well because he will be missing her grandchildren.  I tell to my brother what the father and I have talked.  And he likes my idea.  Woohoo!  They will stay and build their house attached to my father’s house.  I am so happy that the brother decided to live with us.

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