I so wish they both agreed

It is given that in the family there are misunderstanding that leads to arguments.  I have been experienced a lot of this in the family between my father and my brother.  I do not know why their minds aren’t the same.  I mean they do not both agreed on a certain topic and issues.  May it be in news, sports, shows, and family matters.  They always argue even on little things.  I guess that is how they love each other.  Funny but that is how I think about it.  Seeing them arguing almost every day is frustrating.  I sometimes go in the middle and try to stop them.  Sometimes I success but most of the time it ends they both angry at me. Whew!

I so wish that even for once, they both agreed on the same issues/topics.  It would be nice to see them smiling and agreeing on a certain topic/issue and sharing their thought about it.  Though it is good to hear different views of a certain topic, however, seeing them arguing and shouting, I do not think it is good at all.  It is part of life and their choice though.  I cannot do something about it.  It’s just that the other party wants to oppose what the other party is trying to say.  That is why I just wish they both agreed for once.

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