Last week the city celebrates the Kadayawan festival, the festival of as thanksgiving for the bounty harvest. There are lots of activities at the park, entertainment area at the mall, parking area and on the streets. People are going to these events. I, the sister and her family decided to go to the mall because we can enjoy the events, do shopping or window shopping. It is better to be at the mall when you have kids with you, right? We are glad we choose to go to the mall because there are booths and stalls that sell kinds of souvenir items of the city, and other cutie stuffs. Each booths and stalls does have sound system to make their area lively and tempting to people. One stall does have a very nice sound system, once you hear it you will for sure go to their stall. No wonder the sounds that I heard from their area is no nice because they are using the peavey impulse 12d speaker pair. The stall owner does not only pick very nice and entertaining songs, he also picks a speaker that is very nice to people’s ears including mine.

One Response to “Happenings during the festival”

  1. Deli says:

    Any photos of the Kadayawan festival, Sis? I haven’t been to Davao for some time na.