Learned their lesson

After the nephew was hospitalized for amoeba and dehydration, the brother and SIL learned their lesson.  They talked many times of the incidents when their son rushed to the hospital because the nephew collapsed.  In fact they are blaming themselves of what happens and even said that if something bad happens to their son, they will be blaming themselves for the rest of their lives.  But despite what happens, they never lost hope that their son will recover and get well soon.  Indeed, prayer is powerful because the nephew recovers really fast.  Happiness on their faces shows up when the doctor said they can go home.  Thanks to God.

It was a bad experienced for them but at the same time a good one.  Because it made them realized that self-medication is not good especially to kids, babies and young ones.  It is best to bring them to the doctor or hospital if the child is not feeling well.  Immediate checking up by doctor is the best way for they know the condition of the patient.  Also, they know that would be the proper medicine to give.  To avoid emergency, bring the patient to the doctor or hospital as early as possible.  Life is really choice, so choose what is best and the right way to avoid worse case.

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