Jumbling the numbers

The sister started teaching her two years old son as early as possible.  She wants to make sure that her son is ready when he will starts going to school next school year.  She plans to enrol her son as visitor in pre-school in the school where is works.  I told her that it is too early for the nephew to starts going to school at three, but she insisted.  Well, a mother knows best as they say.  So I just keep quiet after telling my opinion about it.  She just wants her son to be good at school since she is a teacher.  It is a bit pressure on her side because of her profession.

While waiting for the next school year to come the sister started teaching her son on counting numbers.  I haven’t heard the nephew reciting numbers yet but the sister told me that her son knows how to count already.  A proud mommy I must say.  So to test the proud mommy, I asked the nephew to count numbers from 1-10.  The nephew looks really cute when he starts counting numbers.  However, after number four, the nephew jumbled number 5 – 10.lol  It made me smile because the nephew is really serious in counting the numbers without knowing that he jumbled some numbers.  Still, I am proud and happy that the nephew knows how to count numbers.  One day, he will recite it all correctly.  Congratulations to my nephew.

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