Ready for the arrival of their first born

First week of October is the expected delivery date for the SIL.  The younger brother is so excited to carry their first born on his arms.  The last time we heard, they are almost done preparing the things they needed and also the baby’s needs.  I guess by now they are done preparing the things and just waiting for the baby’s arrival.  I so wanted to help but they live very far from us.  I bet the brother is just fine and doing well because they live near his in-laws.  I am pretty sure they are helping them while waiting for the big day.

Since they live far from us, we will just be waiting when their first born arrives so we can visit them.  We too are so excited and wants to see their first born.  They were expecting a son and I am excited to see whom he looks like, though it really does not matter of whom he look like as long as he is healthy.  I want to take a photo of their baby too to be added in my collection. haha!  Well, I am collecting the baby picture of the nephews and nieces because I love looking at their baby pictures from time to time.  Anyways, I am praying for the SIL’s safe delivery.  May God bless her and the baby inside her womb.

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