Dropping out

The sister is worried because one of her students is not attending classes for two weeks now.  As they were advice by their school principal to monitor the absences of their students, she decided to visit the residence of her student to know why the kid is no longer coming to school.  She is able to speak to the mother of the child and the mother told her that her son is dropping out.  She will no longer allow her son to go to school anymore.  Though the reason is not clear and not acceptable to the sister, she understands the mother’s decision.  She felt pity for the child but she doesn’t have any choice.

I really do not understand why some parents do not encourage their child to go to school, instead they opted their child to do work.  It is child labor but due to poverty the kids are forced to work to be of help to their parents.  It is sad truth but it is the life they choice.  I wish that the parents will soon realize that education is wealth.  The only weapon their kids need to succeed in life, the weapon that their kids will be using to be of big help to them in the future.  They just have to be patience and do their best to support their kids in pursuing to finish school.

One Response to “Dropping out”

  1. Kaluoy sa studyante kay gipa-undang man sa mama! Wala na siguro ipabaon sis.