With the entire crisis that the world is facing right now, it is really difficult to get a job.  There are thousands of applicants for a few positions.  Sad truth I must say.  But despite of that, we still try our luck hoping and praying that we are lucky enough to be chosen and hired.  The competition is really tough especially when you are competing with experienced applicants and newly graduated college students with good statistic records.  These are the disadvantages that an applicant should face to get the job they want.  This is also the reason why some get a job that is not their field of studies.  What is important is that they have a job because they need to earn for a living.

I once was applied for a job that is not my field of studies.  And mind you it is really difficult because I do not have background about it.  I just gambled it because that time I really need a job.  Unfortunately I did not stay long because I am no longer happy.  It is really best to get the job you like, you have knowledge and interests.  It was a good and new experience for me though.  I still have thoughts once in a while of what would be like if I stayed longer.  Now, I am thinking of getting a job.  But the question is, Where, What, and How it is possible at my age.

3 Responses to “The difficulty of finding a job”

  1. genefaith says:

    right after graduating from college I’m so eager to land any job that comes on my way..fortunately, i was able to get a job in line with my course..i stayed long because i love it and also having a friendly environment made you want to stay longer in your work:)

  2. Sis G,
    I hope that you can find a job that fits your personality and position that you love to acquire. Do not give up if you are looking for one. I would love to find a job as well. The only thing that worry me is, what if I am working and one of my kids is sick and need to pick up from school and am working. I used to work in a nursing home when I first came to America for about 7 months until I gave birth to my son. I wish you all the luck 🙂

  3. Anne Mary says:

    Gurl nowadays, it is not hard to find a job at all because of the many BPO’s here in our city, you just have to impress them with your twang when you are talking to them. You can just use everyday English and be yourself and they will hire you. They are not that particular with your age as long as you can communicate well they will go for it. And nowadays, we don’t need what we studied for what course we had, I mean as long as you graduated in college, and you need a job, BPO is the answer. Working in a call center could have lots of challenges but I tell you it is fun as well.