I do have Facebook account.  I have been using it for almost four years now.  Aside from the reason that I want to be connected to my old friends and relatives from other side of the world and country, my Facebook account is also for my online job.  It is connected to my blogging job.  I post lots of photos in my account, photos of my family, places I have been, photos from different occasions and foods.  It is a sort of my online album to share it to those close to me.  However, I do not just post any pictures in my account, I always check if the picture is worth to share.  If it is not, I do not bother to upload it.  I still believe we should keep some privately.

I am saying this because I have seen users who just post any pictures they like.  I am so bothered with the picture that my friend is uploaded in his Facebook album.  To me it is too personal and too vulgar.  Though he said that it is an art, but I do not get where that art in it is.  Well, he is old enough to understand what is right and what is not.  I do really hope that he will realize soon that the photos he shared would have a big impact to his personality and him as a person.

To us who indulge in social media like Facebook and likes to share/upload our photos a lot, we should be reminded that we should not just post anything we want, we should also think if it is or not or worth to upload.  We should think first that what we post affects us.

3 Responses to “Don’t just post it, we should think about it”

  1. Deli says:

    I agree, Sis. I have also talked to some friends who also did the same thing – just posting anything without, well, just thinking of the impact or any consequences. It matters what we share on social media.

  2. Pretty Kat says:

    Tama! Tumpak! Korek! kay ngano diay Gen, naa ka male friend nga ga post ug sour sa mata hehehe.

  3. This is very true indeed sister G 🙂 We have to make sure that the pictures we posted are pleasing to our eyes and of course to our friends too. You can also pick people to share your pictures if it is not appropriate to share it to the public. I for one is very picky sharing pictures of my kids, still I want to protect their privacy 🙂