She made it after the third attempt

After she did not see her name on the list of passers for board examination for teachers, she feels like the world is tumbling down.  She feels like her world is sinking.  I saw her sad face for the first time.  The brother is there to comfort her and make sure that he is always there no matter what.  He is also telling her that life is like that.  There are things that are it not for us to have.  Anyways, she can do better next time.  It is not the end of everything; it is just the beginning of her journey.

Her confidence is bigger the second time she took the board examination for teachers.  However, she did not able to pass it.  She is losing hope but with the determination to have it, and the comfort and support of her family, friends, and love ones, she tried to take the examination for the third time.  Her willingness and eagerness to get what she wants, and for not giving up that easily, she passed the examination for teachers on her third attempt.  I can say that she is the happiest girl in the world.  My brother is so happy for her.  Now that she is a licence teacher, I do hope that she will never change and will not forget my brother.  Though that part is her choice and decision, I still wish the best for her.  Congratulations!

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