Thanks to you, Goodbye!

Last December 19, 2013, my uncle passed away.  We are saddened because the last time we saw him (May of 2012), he looks really well.  Though he shared some of the pains he felt and said it is because of his age.  We are not that close to him because we live very far from him.  But even though, we felt his love and cares for us many times.  He was the younger brother of my father.  He is good to us even though my father is illegitimate.  He respected and cared for my father like part of their family.

I will never forget the good deeds he did for us.  Also, I am so thankful for him because I get to be in Manila for a short vacation because of him.  He just offered to go with them and see Manila and meet my other cousins.  I am really touched that time and grabbed the opportunity since I am so eager to see Manila.  Also, he sent financial help when my older brother got married 10 years ago.  I must say he is an angel to us.  Anyways, now that Father God asked for him to be with Him, we have to accept it.  He has live fulfilled and happy life on earth.  It is time to go back to our creator.  To my uncle, thanks to you and goodbye.  May you rest in peace!

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