Our 2014 Family Picture

The plan of having our family picture was one year ago.  We did not able to push it through last year because the sister got pregnant and due on January of 2013.  We have to wait for the little one to arrive so he can join with us.  We decided to postpone it for a year.  For us it is worth it to wait because we are waiting for the family’s new angel.  June of 2013, the younger sibling in the family got married and his wife gave birth on the month of November.  I must say the family receives lots of blessings last year.  Our 2013 was filled with so much blessings and memorable events.

Anyways, the family plan to have our family picture happens last January 2014, the memorable day for us.  Even if we are tired and wanted to rest, we still went to the photo studio to have our family pictures.  It was a happy day for the family indeed!  I have shared above two of our photos.  First photo is with my three brothers, sister and my father.  The second photo is with the grandchildren and in-laws.  The two little ones are the blessings that the family receives last year, and also welcoming the wife of my younger brother who got married June of 2013.

Happy New Year to you all from our family to yours!


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