Year of the Wooden Horse

Just recently, the Chinese community/people celebrated their New Year.  The city is so red I must say especially the malls.  I did not able to see the dragon dance for real not like last year.  But still happy to see it on tv.  Anyways, Chinese does have lots of traditions.  Many believe it and some are not.  Me, I am in the middle.  But I do love hearing their Fung Shui, readings and horoscope.  I don’t believe it fully, however, hearing the positive happenings for me this year makes me smile and determine to do what I like and aiming high.

This year is the year of wooden horse and they say it is a good year for everybody.  Business would be profitable, good health and love life.  Though we do not really know what is ahead of us, hearing the good news for this wooden horse is nice.  I really hope, wish and pray that this year is full of blessings, prosperity and happiness to us all.  Last year is a bit sad because of the natural calamities, and some aren’t fully recovered yet.  I pray that they will find more strength and courage in life to bounce back this year.

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