How can they afford to leave?

I am watching a documentary show in local channel in television about babies/kids in the orphanage and those that are at home without a mother.  They have different stories like the mother married to another man, the mother cannot afford to raise the child, the mother is a single parent and no job, and the likes.  These are the reasons why they choose to leave, give their child away and put them in the orphanage.  The reasons that is not acceptable for me.  To me they are just being a coward and refused to take the responsibility as parent/s.  I mean, it is really unfair for the child.

Even if they are doing it for the welfare of the child, yet it is not the right thing to do if they know the word parent/s and responsibilities.  Others are praying to God to give them a child, but some do not act like parent/s to their child.  The world is unfair as the others are saying.  Because those who want it much don’t have it and those who do not want it, does have it.  Well, life is a mystery and only God knows why these things are happening.  I guess, we have to know that baby/kids/child is blessings from God.  We have to cherish the blessings because not all are blessed to have one.  However, even though they know that it is a blessing, how come some mother still afford to leave their baby/child behind?

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