I don’t think she deserves another chance

The brother’s wife left him for another guy. She is back after 10 days and asked for forgiveness. She was accepted by him fully and decided to forget everything to start anew. However, after a week she leaves him again and this time she took their son with him. She messaged the brother saying she is no longer happy with him and she does not love him anymore. He feels like his world in trembling down.   He doesn’t know what to do, how to find them and where did they go. Although it is very difficult, the brother tried to survive.

After a month, she is back again and shaking the brother’s life again. She is asking for another chance, the chance that she already receives that first time she left him. I do not know what is running in her wife’s mind. Seems like, what she did is too easy to ask for forgiveness. We give our opinion to the brother and give some advices. We do not want him to suffer again if his wife leaves him for the third time. She is saying the same words during her first offense that makes us so difficult to trust her again. Leaving her husband for another guy is too much insult. We are not allowing her to come near my brother. If I were to decide, I do not think she deserves another chance. She was given a chance already but she wasted it. Another chance is so difficult to give.

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