You are lucky he loves you

Love really conquers all. Because my brother still forgives her wife despite the fact that she is cheated on him. She left him twice to be with another guy, but still the brother accepted her without second thought. The brother didn’t mind of what his wife did to him. To him what is important is she comes back and asked for forgiveness for the second time around. For me, I do not think she deserves another chance because she has been forgiven on her first offense. However, only the brother can decide if he is going to forgive and accept her or not. Good for her that her husband forgives her and gives her another chance.

You are lucky that he loves you very much and he is willing to forgive and forget everything you did you him. I really hope that for the third time, the chance that has been given to you won’t go wasted. You broke him into tiny pieces on the second time you left him and took the baby. We haven’t forgiven you yet, because what you did to him and to us is too much. Too much that it is too difficult to handle and face you now. Treasure that love he has for you and don’t hurt him ever again.

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