Helping her on how to make a resume

It was a wrong move when she left her job while waiting for the good opportunity abroad. She should have waited till the opportunity abroad is clear before living her job. She regretted it when her visa application was declined. Now, she doesn’t have a job and at her age, it is not easy to find a job. She tried to look for a job because her family depends on her, but she is not lucky enough to find one. Though she is hired from the company of her friend, but only for two months. She needs to find a job that will hire her permanently to support and help the family.

Her eagerness to work abroad has gone after she was declined. She just thought that working abroad is not for her. However, another opportunity comes when she attended their clan’s reunion. Some of her cousins are working abroad and promise to help her find a job there. She was told to submit her resume as soon as possible so they can find a job for her. I can see that she is very happy and excited. I help her on how to make a good resume. I showed to her the recent type of resume. I wish her the best. And I pray that God will give this to her because she really wants to help the family. Good luck friend. May God bless you in your journey to work abroad.

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