It feels really great

For the past weeks, I feel so stress because of the problems at home. The misunderstanding and arguments at home are becoming regular. It is very stressful indeed especially when the father utters words that are hurtful. I do not talk back at him when he nags because I am afraid I might say words that I might regret it after. However, the brother is different. He always reason out even if I told him not to argue with father. Well, they have the same personality and attitudes that is why they always clash. I am reminded the brother to be nice to father because he is old. His being to nagger is because of his age. I told him that if something happens to father; he will regret it for sure.

Lately, the house is at peace. Arguments and misunderstanding is lessening. They even have nice conversation in some issues, also hearing father laugh often. It really feels great to see them talking and laughing instead of arguing. The house now is a bit at peace and less stressful to me. I do hope that this would continue. Though misunderstandings do occur sometimes, I hope that it will resolve sooner so no more hurting words. I also hope that patience and love will prevail in our hurts.

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