I want to give it a try this time

To work in a government is a good opportunity. I wanted to apply for a job in the government long time ago. One of the requirements is that I should pass the Civil Service Examination. I did try to take this examination right after my college graduation; however, I did not push it through because I am scared that I won’t pass the examination. My college friends did try. Some passed and some failed. I do not have enough confidence and believe in myself that is why I did not submit my application to take the Civil Service Examination.

But lately, my sister told me that there are lots of jobs opening in the government. Someone told her if she knows someone who can apply for the job vacancies. The sister shared it to me, and I really like to apply for the job. Unfortunately, I do not have Civil Service License. I cannot apply for any vacancy because I do not have the license. The sister encourages me to take the said examination. She told me that I will be able to pass it. The sister’s faith in me gives me the reason to give it a try this time. I have to do my very best to pass the examination for myself. Good luck to me!

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