Have to face my fear

Lately, I am not feeling really well. I have felt pain in my lower abdomen. I have felt this before and went to the doctor to make sure if something is wrong with me. I felt relieve when the doctor told me that it was fine. Told me that the pain is because I am stress and I need to rest a lot. I am happy with what the doctor told me. After few months I do not feel the pain anymore. It makes me think that the pain is due to stress and tired. I do not have to worry if something is seriously wrong with me.

However, I felt the same pain like before. And this time it is a bit painful than before. It really scares me. I have told the sister about it and she told me to go to the doctor to have me checked. But I am so scared to go and know of my illness. I fear to know the truth that is why I am hesitant to go to the doctor. But the more I prolong it the scarier it is. I have to face my fear and will go to the doctor sooner to have me checked and to know why my lower abdomen is painful. I hope and pray that it is not serious. Help me God.

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