Touched by her story

She is lucky enough with complete family, her mother, father, sister and brother. They were a perfect example of simple but happy family. Her mother is so kind and loving. Despite the hardships they have encounter in their life; they remain strong and keep fighting to live. However, things have changed when her mother and younger sister passed away. Her father and brother doesn’t care for her that much. She is very lonely, and seeking for love and attention. Fortunately she founds love and attention from someone. She decided to live with her man and try to build a happy life.

On their few months of living together, she is got pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Although she is sad, she just accepted that maybe the child wasn’t meant for them. She and her man still living together and after a year and a half, she got pregnant again. I can tell that she is one of the happiest women in the world. She gave birth two weeks ago, but sad to say the baby died after two days. Her world crashed again. She was crying while we are talking. I felt so sorry for her and felt the pain she has inside her. Her life story isn’t that easy. She has no one to share things except her husband.   She doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father and brother. Despite the hardships, struggles and trials, she managed to overcome it all and still able to smile. I am so touched by her story and touched of how strong a person she is. May God bless her always!

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