My heart felt so stuffed for the first time

I have been watching Korean-drama for years now. It started when the local television station in my country aired Korean-dramas translated into our dialect. Because I do not have patience to wait what’s going to happen next, I prefer to watch in online. I liked their plots especially the romantic comedy drama. I do love their romance story too because it is very cute. I have my favorite actors already and I followed every drama they made and their previous dramas. I really enjoyed watching dramas from Korea. In fact it is like part of my daily routine. I seldom watch dramas from my country compared before because I am addicted to Korean-drama.

Recently, I am watching the Miss Ripley Korean-drama. The summary is interesting that makes me want to watch, plus the leads actress is my favorite. First five episodes is interesting, however, I cannot take the character of the leading actress. She played it really well, I must say but watching how bad her character is makes my heart felt stuffed for the first time. I am not enjoying it anymore because I felt pity for the lead actor. Because I am not enjoying it anymore, I opted to stop watching it and look for another Korean-drama that will inspire me and made me smile.

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