I wish the country will send more participants

I like watching sports especially in the Olympics, SEA Games, ASEAN Games, World Olympics, and the likes. This month the 17th ASEAN Games is on-going. Almost all ASEAN nations are participating and of the countries that are participating is my beloved country Philippines. I support and pray that the country’s delegates will do well and hopefully will bring home medals too. The Philippines is sending the best athletes to fight and give honor to the country. I have watched the opening ceremony and kind of sad because we only have 150 delegates. It is too little compared to the other countries.

Most of the delegates/players sent in the Incheon, Korea ASEAN Games were veterans. Though there are new faces and first timing. I have watch the games of the players from the country competing. Some succeed to proceed to the next round and some don’t. What makes me really sad is that we are lacking of players to compete. For instance in Men’s Gymnastics, we only have one player. The chances of bagging more medals especially gold are very low because of lacking of participants/players. The campaign of bagging gold and medals is useless because of the numbers of delegates the country is sending. I do hope that the government will give more budget and attention to the Philippine athletes and discover talents of the people for us to be more competitive in sports.

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