The brother accepted the job

The brother is happy and contented with his job here in our village. He drives a public vehicle (motorcycle) in our village to the highway. Aside from the driving job, he also accepts electrical, constructions and welding jobs. His earnings are enough for him. He can save some and helps the family financially. But because there are lots of motorcycles running in our village recently, the earning becomes little. This is the reason the brother is thinking of finding a new job. He cannot focus on the constructions job because heavy work is not good for his health. Plus electrical and welding jobs are not permanent. He cannot depend on these jobs.

The prayer of the brother of finding a new job is answered because his former co-worker is hiring him. He was hired to do electrical job in another city. It is one hour and half travel from our city. The offer is good that is why the brother accepted the job right away. He will be working in a company manages by his classmate in college and he will be working with his close friends. The brother will be staying there and will be backing home on the weekends. I pray that the brother will be happy with his job now and I pray that God will always guide and protect him.

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