The pressured and stressed person in the family

When we say the word stress, it is more applicable to women especially to the mothers and the working mothers. They are more stress because they are loaded with lots of worries and pressured at work and at home. I can say it is true looking at my sister who is a mother and as a teacher as her job. She does not have enough time with her kids when she got home because she is very tired. Also, does not have time to be alone to re-charge and regain the energy she has lost. She is having a hard time of what to prioritize and what to come first. May it be herself, her kids or her job?

A mother who is a homemaker and an employee at the same time is a very challenging role. The stress they get at home and at work make them feel so exhausted. Since it is the life they choose, the best way that the mothers should do is to balance everything.  It needs to balance everything to cope up with the daily stress they are facing. No matter how busy they/you are, you should find few minutes or hours in a day to take care of yourselves. Busy mothers/women needs alone time for herself to recharge. Finding that moment to quiet sitting and breathing is a big help to recharge and stress-free.

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