Saturday date with my college friends

I seldom go out on Saturday because this day is my rest day. Where I can relax, rest and get more sleep. Going out on this day will make me tired. But sometimes I do like to go out especially when someone is treating me. Going out and eating my favorite foods for free is better, right? Haha! When my college friend messages me through Facebook I get excited when she told me that she will treat me and Ada for dinner. She said that she wants to make it up because she did not able to come to our date last valentine’s day.

The invitation is perfect because I really feel like going out to get some air. Plus seeing her after years would be nice. It is really great to see my college friends after years. It makes me feel that they haven’t forgotten me/us and still values our friendship. My Saturday was a memorable day for me I must say. We talked a lot and smile a lot while having our dinner. My friend Nessa, treated us in the family nice restaurant. It is my first time to be there and I thank her for that. Thanks for the treat Nessa, till next time. God bless you always! Above is the photo of my college friends, Ada, Nessa and me.

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