Hope they would you stop being so curious

I admit I am curious about a person’s life especially if that person is dear to me and special to me. I like to know and hear their whereabouts, what keeps them busy, how is their life and the likes. I know it is not good to be that nosy to others life however, I do not ask personal questions or something about their personal life because it is invasion of privacy. Also, I do set some limitations so I won’t cross the dangerous line. I do not want to go beyond because it will ruin our relationship. Also, I do respect someone’s personal affair/life.

But I do not understand why others do like to be nosy and curious about others personal life. I am saying this because someone is too curious about my life especially the love life. Asking me if I have a man yet, when will I get married as I am not getting any younger. To be honest, it is irritating asking the same questions every time we see each other. As far as I could, I am trying to ignore them but sometimes it gets into my nerves and I want to yell at them. Yes, there is more than one person who is so interested about my personal life. I know I am curious about others life too but not this curious because I know the feeling. I do hope that these people will stop bothering, being too curious about my life and would rather mind their own business.

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