The pool party is cancelled

My friends and I at school where my nephew studied planned to have our Christmas party at the pool near our area. Everything is planned perfectly, the date, time, foods that we have to bring and the pool we will be going. We also have our final meeting during the Christmas party of the kids that was five days before the planned pool party. The pool party planned last month. I did not agree with it because planning ahead is not good. It will not be happening. I have experienced it many times and I told them about it. But they insist that it won’t happen. Our pool party will pushed through. So, I go with the flow.

Today is the day of our pool party. However, two days before the pool party I received a message from one of them telling me that three of the girls are not sure to come. Some problems come out. They have to choice but to cancel the pool party. We felt sad because three of us are ready for the pool party. We in fact bought the things that we will be bringing and wearing. Early morning today, they went to our house and told me their reasons why they cannot attend to the pool party. After hearing their reasons, I understand them and told them that we can still have our pool party anytime when things go smoothly.

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