Let’s forgive and forget

It has been eight months since the younger brother decided to forgive his wife and starts anew. We did agree with the brother’s decision because it is too early to just forgive and forget. What his wife did to him is too difficult for us to understand and forgive. But the love of my brother for his wife overpowering the sin she committed to their married life. Although, we are against of his decision, we respected it and understand him. He wants a complete family, so we did not interfere with his decision. But we told him that his wife is not welcome to come in our house anymore. We cannot forgive her for now, maybe after years.

However after hearing the message of the priest while attending masses, we are having our second thoughts. The younger brother contacted us and told us that he wants to bring his wife on New Year; we thought it is time to reconcile, forgive and forget. But before having our final decision, we talked it over and weighing everything. Life is too short to live in grudge, and anger in our hearts, right? She is part of the family already. Letting the brother standing in the middle of two walls is not easy. So, we decided to forgive her and forget what she did. Besides, everybody deserves second chance.

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