Feels good after the full body massage

My body is aching. This is what I told my sister especially my back. I am having a hard time when I get up every morning. Every time I got up in the morning, the first word that I utter is ‘ouch’. This is because my back and waist are really painful. I asked my sister to go with me to the doctor because I need a check-up badly for cannot bear the pain. But the sister suggested having full body massage instead of going to the doctor. The body pain that I have is because of too much hard work at home, and less rest. And I guess the sister is right.

We have search for a massage parlor already, but haven’t been there yet. I want my sister to go with me; however, she is too busy with work.   I will have to wait till she has free time. I am glad that my father has a friend who is doing a home service massage. I do not need to go to the parlor anymore. I made an appointment already because I need full body massage as soon as possible. I get the full body massage two days ago. The massage is really painful, but it feels really good after that. No more pain in the morning and no more ouch so far.

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