His new toy

To own a motorcycle is one of the greatest dreams of my brother.  He loves to ride it and go strolling around.  His favorite toy I must say.  He is like a little boy that wants to own a very expensive remote control toy car.  Once he asked the sister to be the guarantor because he thinks of getting an installment motorcycle.  But the sister did not agree to his idea.  The sister is really scared because of the several motorcycle accidents on the road.  She is not being so negative thinker, to her, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The sister’s decision make the brother sad, but he does understand my sister’s point of view.  Even though, he still said that one day he will buy motorcycle.  Indeed, his dream did come true.  After getting a job and have a good salary, the brother finally bought his favorite toy.  He is the happiest man on earth I must say.  We can’t stopped him from doing so because this is what he aim for when he got a job.  The motorcycle is nice and looks pretty.  Unfortunately I did not able to take a photo.  Anyways, congratulations to my brother to having his new toy.  Drive safely and carefully.  We will be praying for your safety always!

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