Still waiting for the call

Since my sister got scammed by someone using the name of her friend sending message through phone, I don’t entertain phone calls and messages from an unknown numbers.  It is better to ignore them than be scammed by those bad people.  Few weeks ago, there was this number keeps calling on my phone.  I don’t answer the call because the number is not familiar.  After multiple calls, they sent message through my phone telling me that an employee or an applicant of their company referred me.  They want my full name and active phone number for initial interview.  Since I know someone working in their company, I gave my full name and phone number.

It has been a week since I gave my phone number to them.  I am still waiting for their call because I wanted to try to work in their company.  But I haven’t receive any call from them.  It makes me think that those calls are just prank call, however, I am consoling myself telling that maybe they are just busy and one day they will call me for initial interview.  I am praying and hoping that they will call soon because I really wanted to try and maybe be part of their company.  I really wanted a job, new work, new environment and new people.

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