Cubes For Learning

When students are having a hard time learning concepts in math, unifix cubes might help. These are cubes that come in various colors, and each cube is considered to be one unit in terms of counting. The cubes lock together so that children can create lines that are various lengths. These lines represent a number. If you want to add two numbers together, you would create a line of cubes for the first number and a line of cubes for the second number. When the lines are created, the child can see how many cubes there are all together in order to get the answer.

This is a way for children to see a visual component of math. Some children learn better when they see something instead of just being told how to do a problem. You can print patterns from sites online so that children can copy the pattern. There are also math problems that can be printed so that children can practice addition and subtraction with the cubes. Children can practice sorting the cubes and practice estimating numbers. These are ideal for younger children as they are easy to hold and can be used for a variety of purposes.

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