Refer us to kidney stone specialist

My father undergone kidney operation eight years ago.  After the operation, the father took the prescribed medicines and then stopped taking it because he wanted to try herbal medicine.  It is his decision and no one can change it so we just say okay.  He wants to try it after hearing the statements of the people who has the same case with him and now is 100% healed after taking the certain herbal medicine.  But lately, his arms, wrist, and legs are swelling because of rheumatism.  He took the medicines that was suggested by his friends.  But the swelling and pain is just transferring from one place to another.  The sister told us to visit the doctor for us to know the reason why rheumatism is not leaving him.

We went to rheumatism specialist, and advised us to get some laboratory examinations to know the reason.  When the result came out, the doctor told us that the creatinine of my father is really high, the liver is a bit enlarging, seen stones in his left and right kidney.  It is very depressing because the father told us that he doesn’t want to go another operation since he is old.  He can manage the pain, according to him.  I doubt because the last time he is in pain and we do not want to see him in that way again.  Though the doctor did not told us for operation yet, he just refer us to kidney stone specialist.  Hopefully no more operation needed since the stones are not that big yet.

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