Searching for new hairstyle for the nieces

I love fixing the hair of my nieces when they have activity at school or when I feel like doing it.  Also, when I saw an interesting hairstyle, I like to try it too and my nieces are my models.  They like me doing it to them because they feel very pretty after seeing the result.  I have tried braided hairstyle to them and they like it, in fact it is their favorite.  But I find it boring doing the same hairstyle.  It would be best if I have new hairstyle.  I once tried the one I saw online, it is very difficult for me.  The procedure online is not detailed and I find it hard to copy.

The nieces will be joining Santancruzan (Procession, StreetParade) in our village and they will be wearing gowns.  Of course, they asked me to do the hair and make-up.  My talent will be tested again.LOL  I have done the same last year and they like the braided hairstyle.  This time, I want to try different hairstyle.  I am searching for different hairstyle online but haven’t found the one that is easy to copy.  I do not want to do the braided hairstyle again even if the girls love it.  I want to try something new, I hope to find one soon because I have two days left.  I will show it to the girls and see if they like it, if not, well I guess I have to make the one that they like.  Trying hard hairdresser here. *wink!

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